Water Well Drilling by Lousana Water Wells (1987) Ltd.

Lousana Water Wells utilizes rotary drilling rigs, which use both air and water to drill a well. We recognize that quality tools and materials are integral in achieving a high-quality final product.


Drilling requirements, conditions, and formations are determining factors in the selection of casings to be used in a well. Lousana Water Wells is an industry leader in using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) casing for domestic and agricultural water wells.

We have been using PVC casing for more than 25 years and feel this is a superior product which provides a clean, non-rusting, non-corroding, maintenance-free well that will last for many years. While we promote the use of PVC casing, Lousana Water Wells also recognizes there are exceptions where steel casing is more applicable, such as in gravel areas, and can provide that option as well.

Well Construction

The surface casing of a well is used to seal off surface material or undesirable water from entering into the well. Typically the surface casing is sealed and grouted. A smaller, perforated, PVC liner casing would be installed in the production zone of the well. Every well is drilled to Alberta Environment licensable standards.

  • Rotary air drilling and water drilling
  • Journeyman water well drillers
  • Expertise in PVC well casing
  • Steel well casing, optional
  • Well casing repairs
  • Well water monitoring and testing
  • Water well disinfection for bacteria
  • Water well consultations
  • Testing water wells for draw down and recovery rate
  • Free water well estimates

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